Weep, But The Cross Changes Everything

In the cross of Jesus Christ the anguished, angry cries of the sufferers of all the ages find a response…

Books I Have Read: Stumbling Toward Zion

I may read a better book this year, but I will be surprised if I do.

Stumbling Toward Zion

The one-sided emphasis on celebration not only ignores the suffering, struggles and doubts of people within congregations, so increasing their distress by making them feel guilty that they are unable to join the party, but, even more seriously, it suppresses knowledge of the crisis threatening the very survival of our world…

Mission Agency Futures: The Problem

Four issues which should force mission agencies to rethink their approach to their work.

Imagination Needed

Mission is a biblical universal, the modern missionary movement was a specific, culturally conditioned initiative which, while amazingly successful in its time, is likely to become increasingly dysfunctional if the attempt is made to preserve it as it is.

Mission in Crisis

So, as we wrestle with the way that agencies need to adapt and change in the future, we need to bear in mind that their challenges are only one expression of a much deeper, world-wide move of the Spirit of God.