Mission and Millennials: The Mentor

This is where I see a vital role for the mission agency to play: it’s not about mobilising resources; perhaps not even so much about care and support; it’s really to do with training, reorienting ourselves, and the necessary context for learning and reflection.

Millennials and Mission: The Missionary

So why join an agency? For me, the biggest reason was to be accountable. I felt that the local church wasn’t equipped to keep me accountable on a continual rather than an occasional basis.

Throwback: Aaaaaargh

To any wannabe missionaries out there; a good, prayerful, supportive home-church is absolutely vital to your work. Build up those links and don’t think you can do it on your own.

Millennials and Mission

If there is a future for mission from the West, it will be shaped by those who are in their twenties and thirties today. We cannot assume that they will neatly follow in the organisational footsteps of earlier generations. Maybe they will, but I wouldn’t take it for granted.

The Alphabet Soup of Mission Agencies

In the long-run, it is issues such as partnership and the ability to be reflective which will determine the future fruitfulness of an agency, not its balance sheet.

What I Want From Board Reports

Mission agencies have to submit annual reports which meet certain government standards. I have my own suggestions of what I would like them to contain.

How To Measure Success

Good, critical feedback on a mission agency’s activities should be absolutely central to any decision making by boards and leadership in the UK. Getting this feedback isn’t easy and it means much more than listening to the people who benefit from what you do. However, if local people are not helping set your agenda, then you are doing something very wrong.

Changes in Money and Missionaries

Some mission agencies are doing very well, others rather badly.

How To Identify a “Good” Mission Agency

If we were serious about the idea that mission is God’s activity and not ours, we would be much less precious about organisational boundaries.

They Taught Me More Than I Ever Taught Them

Missionaries often say that they learned far more than they ever taught – but what are the implications of this?