They Taught Me More Than I Ever Taught Them

Missionaries often say that they learned far more than they ever taught – but what are the implications of this?

A Word To Agency Trustees

We simply can’t assume that we can go and minister in other people’s back yard without taking their views and understandings into account.

Mission Agency Finances 2019

A quick look at trends in mission agency income over five years.

Extinction Rebellion and Global Mission

Groups like Extinction Rebellion have managed to mobilise huge numbers of highly motivated young people who are willing to sacrificially devote themselves to a cause that they see as very important. Does this remind you of anything?

Mission Agencies and Social Media: A Report

Mission agencies could do significantly more to harness the power of social media both to increase cooperation within the agency sector and, more importantly, to allow the voices of Christian partners around the world to be heard without the interpolation of an agency voice.

The Problem With Children in Need

It is easy to get cynical about Children in Need, the annual event where the nation’s right hands go on national television to declare to their left hands exactly what they have been doing. However, it would be wrong to be too cynical, generosity is a good thing and the amounts that are raised to support various causes are staggering. That being said, there are legitimate questions that can be raised about the whole process and I’d like to focus in on one of them.

Mission Agencies And Social Media

Some initial observations about the use of social media by mission agencies in the UK.

Questions 7: Why Is Missionary Support So Expensive?

In the popular imagination, missionaries are people who give up everything to go and serve God in faraway places. However, in the real world, when missionaries come to raise funds for their work, they often have budgets which dwarf the salaries of the people they are trying to get to support them.

Questions 6: What On Earth Is A Missionary?

There is no hard and fast definition of what constitutes a missionary, but here are four qualities that are part of the whole.

Being a Charity Case

I don’t think we are necessarily at that point yet, but I do think that British mission agencies will need to consider whether a registered charity is the best organisational vehicle for them to carry out their calling.