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STEP: Scripture Tools for Every Person

An update on a very excellent set of tools for Bible Study.

Bible and Mission Links 36

Some quirky Bible stuff, something on persecution, some inspiring mission stories and a consideration of the role of short-term dentists.

Bible and Mission Links 35

Lots of interesting stuff, but not a lot of jokes.

We Need To Think About Technology

Printing has brought a huge amount of good to the church, but there is another side to the story.

Why We Have the Bible We Have

We have the Bible we have, because God is the God he is.

The Book of Job

A great overview of a somewhat complex and misunderstood book.

Narrative, the Bible and God

But the God of the Bible is as free as the wind and doesn’t fit in with our expectations at all, he does unpredictable things and makes friends with some very uncomfortable people – he is not a tame lion!

We Should Apologise to the Women of Bethlehem!

Reading the Bible in its own cultural context is for life, not just for Christmas.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Stories

Taking one of Jesus’ amazingly creative parables and turning it into an alliterated, three-point, logical sermon has to be the ultimate in literate processing.

Books I Have Read: Theology and Practice of Missions

It’s no longer cheap on Kindle, but this is a book that is well worth getting hold of!

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