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STEP: Scripture Tools for Every Person

An update on a very excellent set of tools for Bible Study.

We Need To Think About Technology

Printing has brought a huge amount of good to the church, but there is another side to the story.

In Praise of Paper Bibles

I can’t listen to twenty-year-old cassettes, but I can still read a 500-year-old Bible. Some technologies are more durable than others.

Not Everything On The Internet Is True!

Please don’t spread rubbish (I wanted to use a stronger word, but this is a family blog) like this. If you find a story which is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Do a simple Google search for some of the key names or themes in the story and check it out. Or visit Snopes and search for it there.

Tennent Chapter 1: Megatrends

“I am convinced that if we are attentive to the refreshing winds of the Holy Spirit during this tumultuous and yet thrilling time, we will have a missiological rebirth where, side by side, with the global church, we will see a remarkable renewal of the church’s life and faith like we have not known.”

Wisdom in Mission

This week I spent a day at the annual Wisdom in Mission consultation which was held at Launde Abbey. WIM is sponsored by the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and brings together a small group of mission practitioners,… Read More

A Couple of Social Media Peeves

One of the things that I find fascinating about social media is the way in which people often act in a completely different way to how they would in real “offline” life. There are a couple of things… Read More

Missionary Committees and Social Media

If you have a role in a Church supporting missionaries; then you must have a Facebook account! Most people have recognised that we have moved from an age of print communication to digital, on-line communication. In the missionary… Read More

Scripture Tools for Every Person

I don’t often post other peoples’ press releases, but this is important and I want to make sure it gets lots of exposure. Tyndale House Cambridge Launches Beta-version of Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP), a new free… Read More

Why I’m Not Quoting John 3:16

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed that lots of people have posted the words of John 3:16 on Twitter or on Facebook. Without wishing to sound heretical, I do find myself wondering what the point of this… Read More

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