Throwback: Why I’m Allergic to Devotionals

At the risk of overstating the case; it sometimes feels as though we get the Christian content out of the way and then our meetings default to an essentially secular way of functioning.

Truth Matters

Spin, fake news, alternative facts… Lies are a much bigger problem than we are willing to admit.

Significant Encounters

People can have an impact on your life without ever knowing it.

So Long Northern White Rhinos

God made the northern white rhinos and he called it good. God likes rhinos – and that should be enough to make them matter to us.

Where Is The Anger?

Where are the Christian artists writing to condemn injustice?

The Olympic Lie Revisited

I love watching the Olympics. I am in awe of the athletes and I’m staggered at the hard work that they put in. But there is more to life than that.

Oxfam, Agencies and Exploitation

Just imagine how a local builder feels, when a bunch of teenagers from the UK or the US rock up to his town to build a church without any knowledge or experience of local building techniques.

Evolutionary Advantage

The absence of the things that Down’s confers on a society means that we are incapable of seeing their value.

Let Your Friends Know Where You Are…

I must admit that I was slightly amused this morning by the news that military personnel have been sharing their runs online through the Strava app and have inadvertently leaked the location of secret military bases.

Let’s Get UnEnlightened

However, it is the technology and the reliance on rationalism that holds us back in our participation in God’s mission … The thing that we boast of and rely on is actually our biggest handicap!