Throwback: Our Place In The World

Britain is no longer a major economic or political force in the world. In the same way, the British church needs to learn to find a new place in a rapidly growing world Christian movement.

Millennials and Mission: The Pastor

I want mission that we can experience, that we can partner with, that’s accountable and real. I don’t want another alphabet soup prayer day. I want to enjoy partnership in the gospel so that we can all benefit, as we strive to make disciples of all nations.

Throwback: Church Mission in Practice

There are many ways to reach out to people at home and around the world; the key is that we do something. This is partly because this is the calling of the Church; mission is in our very nature, but also because the actual act of being involved in mission brings huge blessing to the church that does it.

Throwback: Who Speaks For Mission?

I’m sorry, but making occasional trips overseas doesn’t qualify you to speak about the nature of mission any more than sitting in a pew gives me the background to talk about church leadership.

You Don’t Have To Eat Hummus

Following Jesus involves a radical call on our lives and we sell ourselves and our communities short when we swap that call for the middle-class dream of eating hummus in the suburbs.

Britain’s Unreached People Group

Although the British working class may not fit the classic definitions of unreached people groups, they are unreached and there are cultural, if not linguistic, barriers that the mainly middle class church will have to overcome if this slice of the population is to be reached with the gospel. Carrying on doing what we are currently doing will not work.

Not Our Problem?

It’s great to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but we don’t want to have to sit next to them in a pew on Sunday.

They Taught Me More Than I Ever Taught Them

Missionaries often say that they learned far more than they ever taught – but what are the implications of this?

Throwback: The Real Meaning of Christmas

I don’t think that Jesus needs Christmas. He is not diminished if people consider December 25 as a day to eat too much and to lie bloated in front of the TV rather than celebrating it as his birthday (which it almost certainly isn’t, anyway).

Questions 10: Are We All Missionaries?

I answered this question in a blog post many moons ago, but the answer that I would give today is slightly different, so I thought it worth revisiting. Firstly, although the question is one that recurs fairly regularly, I’m not sure that it is entirely helpful. In this series, I’ve shown that mission is a […]