We Are With Jesus

At key points in his life on earth, he sought out the company of his disciples and friends. The Incarnate Son did not need human company, but he wanted it.

Why I Am (Still) A Christian

I’ve decided to trust my life to a set of beliefs that I believe make sense of the world as I observe it and which are based on evidence which anyone can investigate.

It Wasn’t A Christmas Card Scene

Eventually, after who knows how long (but it seemed longer to Mary) the little boy was born. The midwife slapped his bum, cleaned him up and passed him to his mum.

Books I Have Read: Abide and Go

The central thesis of this book has been the following: Johannine spirituality fundamentally consists in the mutual indwelling of the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit) and Jesus’ disciples such that disciples participate in the divine love and life, and therefore in the life-giving mission of God, thereby both demonstrating their likeness to God as God’s children and becoming more and more like God as they become like his Son by the work of the Spirit. This spirituality can be summarized in the phrase “abide and go,” based on John 15.

Throwback: Christmas, Why the Big Fuss?

Too often, the Christian response is to insist that we have to put “Christ back into Christmas”. Pointing us back to some mythical time in the past when the celebration revolved around Jesus. If that time ever existed (and I’m far from convinced it did), it was in a society very different to our own and the solutions from those days are not the right ones for today.

Unity and Mission in John 17

According to John 17, the deepest desire of Jesus is to create a community of disciples who participate in and manifest the unity of God, who continue the mission of God, and who will one day know the full glory of God.

The Vine and The Branches

The vine metaphor does mean that Jesus has chosen to convey his life to the world by means of the branches.

Questions 9: Where is Mission In The Bible?

You cannot simply extract a couple of verses from one of the Gospels and build a whole edifice on them, those verses have to be read in their full context and ultimately this will lead us to the whole Bible.

Acts and Mission 6: The Old Testament

Our job is to point people to Jesus, but in order to do that, we have to start with where they are, not with where we think they should be. This means that we have to listen and learn. 

The Resurrection and Mission

The Resurrection marks the dawn of a new age and with it a new orientation and mindset for Jesus followers? Do we live pre or post-resurrection?