Books I Have Read: The Art of Bible Translation

I found this book rather frustrating and sometimes irritating. But it is a good book and deserves to be read.

Bible and Mission Links 33

Reading OT prophecy, misunderstanding the mission movement, two ways to look at consumerism and some thoughts about change.

When Lord Doesn’t Mean Lord

Bible translation can be quite complicated, you know!

A Different Take On Bible Translation Statistics

Whichever way you look at it and with all of the possible caveats in place, there is still huge amount of Scripture translation work that remains. Suggestions that the task of Bible translation is close to completion are very premature. 

The Whole Bible and Mission

Messianic and missional reading of the Old Testament – that’s what Jesus instructed his disciples to do. We have been fairly good at the first, but pretty lamentable at the second.

Pentecost, Babel and Diversity

Sometimes people say that at Pentecost, God reversed the Tower of Babel, but that is exactly what He didn’t do. At Pentecost, God underlined the linguistic diversity that He introduced at Babel.

The Old Testament is A Good News Story

The Old Testament is, in fact, a good news story, even if the good news has not arrived yet.

The Purpose of the Old Testament

Without the biblical worldview, constituted by the biblical story, our understanding and presentation of the Gospel will be deficient.

Mission In the Old Testament

Yes we have to obey Christ’s command at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, just as we have to obey all his commands. But the Bible’s story of mission doesn’t start and end there – and nor should ours.

Scripture Access 2015

Some great news about Bible translation and an awkward little niggle.