Acts and Mission: The Great Comission

Just before his ascension, Jesus explained to his disciples what mission is and where it happens.

The Great Commission is All About the Church

Though Jesus was actually sending a community into the world, his words in the Great Commission often have been used as the rationale by which churches send individuals into cross-cultural settings.

The Whole Bible and Mission

Messianic and missional reading of the Old Testament – that’s what Jesus instructed his disciples to do. We have been fairly good at the first, but pretty lamentable at the second.

Bible Reading and Culture

The Word of God cannot be understood apart from the cultural and linguistic situation in which it was originally given.

Pentecost, Babel and Diversity

Sometimes people say that at Pentecost, God reversed the Tower of Babel, but that is exactly what He didn’t do. At Pentecost, God underlined the linguistic diversity that He introduced at Babel.

Bible and Mission Links 32

A Bible in any language, translation into German, everlasting missionaries, the British Church today and two takes on a Latin phrase. Some of the latest blog offerings.

We, Indeterminate Number of Kings…

What is the message of the Magi and how do they fit into Matthew’s Gospel?

Throwback Thursday: The Purpose of the Bible

In personal terms; the Bible wasn’t written to you, but it was written for you.

Scripture Access 2015

Some great news about Bible translation and an awkward little niggle.

Throwback Thursday: The Best Books On Mission

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. Not only that, but trying to keep an up to date list of mission books is next to impossible. This post is only 18 months old but there are two (or maybe three) books missing from it that are crying out […]