I Used To Be Important

People who described me as a really good friend when I was the CEO of a large (by evangelical standards) organisation have not spoken to me since I stepped away from the role.

Throwback: Aaaaaargh

To any wannabe missionaries out there; a good, prayerful, supportive home-church is absolutely vital to your work. Build up those links and don’t think you can do it on your own.

Throwback: Translating and Being Translated

This piece from 2008 was adapted from an article that I’d been asked write on Bible translation. I’ve no idea where that article appeared. The role of a Bible translator is to adapt Scripture in an appropriate fashion for a given cultural and linguistic setting. The translated text does not cease to be God’s word, […]

The Why, What and How of Christian Growth

This is the script from the sermon that I preached at Emmanuel Church in Keighley, yesterday. It’s longer than most of my blog posts – sorry about that. It also has a number of typos and things carried over from the script, apologies if that bothers you. 2 Peter 1:5-9 Introduction It goes without saying […]

Would I Have Done Things Differently?

In the end, the big decisions are not really that big and the small ones are enormous.

This Is Me

When I say that I’m lonely, it’s not so much that there aren’t people around; it’s that I miss a connection with people who have known me for years.

Life in the Bubble

When we live in a bubble we become focussed on our own needs and experiences and lose sight of the wider world.

Some Things Just Aren’t Clear

There are a number of conclusions that you can draw from these incidents; but the idea that the Holy Spirit always guides in a clear and unambiguous fashion is not one of them!

The Strangest Verse in the Bible?

The Romans were quite used to the idea of making peace by shedding blood on the cross – they did it all the time. Only, their idea wasn’t to reconcile people, but to exterminate anyone who threatened the state.

God is Bigger than That

We love to sing about how big and powerful God is, but when it comes to practical issues we, all too often, limit God’s ability to do things. We make ourselves, our choices and our abilities the centre of the universe. On balance; that’s a mistake!