Would I Have Done Things Differently?

In the end, the big decisions are not really that big and the small ones are enormous.

This Is Me

When I say that I’m lonely, it’s not so much that there aren’t people around; it’s that I miss a connection with people who have known me for years.

Life in the Bubble

When we live in a bubble we become focussed on our own needs and experiences and lose sight of the wider world.

Some Things Just Aren’t Clear

There are a number of conclusions that you can draw from these incidents; but the idea that the Holy Spirit always guides in a clear and unambiguous fashion is not one of them!

The Strangest Verse in the Bible?

The Romans were quite used to the idea of making peace by shedding blood on the cross – they did it all the time. Only, their idea wasn’t to reconcile people, but to exterminate anyone who threatened the state.

God is Bigger than That

We love to sing about how big and powerful God is, but when it comes to practical issues we, all too often, limit God’s ability to do things. We make ourselves, our choices and our abilities the centre of the universe. On balance; that’s a mistake!

We Are All Called To Something

Some are indeed … called to commerce, to industry and farming, to accountancy and banking, to local government or parliament, and to the mass media, to homemaking and family building.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Introducing a new series of videos, which are very, very good.

Throwback Thursday: Are We Scared of Christmas?

Christmas needs Easter (and the second coming) to bring God’s plan to fulfilment, but we shouldn’t let the importance of the destination blind us to the sheer wonder and beauty of this part of the journey.

Throwback Thursday: Peace

All to often, the peace of God is presented as some sort of “morphine haze” that allows us to float above life’s troubles and worries; totally untouched and unaffected by the mayhem all around us. Life may be going completely to pot, but we are unperturbed because we have the peace of God.