35 Years as Nomads for the Kingdom

It’s 35 years this month since we left our jobs and started on an adventure that has carried us around the world, with more house moves than we can count; thanks to God and some incredible supporters.

A Short Introduction To What We Do

Sue and I do very different things, but they all contribute to the broader work of mission around the world. This video gives a brief introduction to what it is we do.

Some Thoughts on Studying for a PhD

Some thoughts on my doctoral studies including one or two interesting (controversial?) conclusions and a few personal revelations.

Thirty Years Ago

Extracts from the diary of a young and rather nervous linguist translator.

Big Cheese

Well, I’m no longer working in our spare bedroom in Southampton, I now have a real office (one that doesn’t contain an electric guitar and without a spaniel asleep at my feet) in a building full of other offices. Not only that, but the office has a sign on the door which says “Eddie Arthur: […]