Books I Have Read: Story Bearer

So much of our training in evangelism stops after we have prepared people to communicate the gospel. However, the best evangelists aren’t necessarily just expert speakers, but expert listeners. Sharing faith is not just about giving great answers, it’s about asking great questions.

How To Identify a “Good” Mission Agency

If we were serious about the idea that mission is God’s activity and not ours, we would be much less precious about organisational boundaries.

Books I Have Read: The Mission of the Triune God

A short review of a very, very good book.

Mission Shaped by The Trinity

We [the church] are invited to participate in an activity of God which is the central meaning of creation itself. We are invited to become, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, participants in the Son’s loving obedience to the Father. All things have been created that they may be summed up in Christ the Son. All history is directed towards that end.

Missiology from the Coal Face

Discipleship is, in essence, simply following Jesus. It means forsaking all, despite difficulties, suffering and even death, primarily death to self. Discipleship is in danger of getting lost in trendy terminologies and packaged programmes.

Some Thoughts on Studying for a PhD

Some thoughts on my doctoral studies including one or two interesting (controversial?) conclusions and a few personal revelations.

God Is Not a Missionary God

Rather than saying God is a missionary God and therefore we should do mission, we might be better saying that God is holy and that we should be holy. This doesn’t mean that we don’t do mission – but it shapes the way we go about it.

Reasons for Bible Translation: God

We translate the Bible because God is who he is.

Getting the Balance Between World and Local Mission

When a church really grasps that God has one mission which encompasses the whole world (including your home city) and gets excited about that mission, then both “home mission” and “world mission” will thrive.

What If Agencies Took The Missio Dei Seriously?

This post raises the important question of what should drive us in our mission; what we find to be practical, or what we believe about God and the way he is at work?