Books I Have Read: The Missiology Behind the Story

A short review of a very good book.

Where British Mission Agencies Work

A brief look at some statistics about the history and geography of British mission agencies (it’s more interesting than it sounds).

February 2018 Reading

Two good church history books, some indifferent missiology, some awful science fiction and a book about vets in North Yorkshire; February’s reading.

Missiology and Mary in South America

When you put together the prosperity gospel and false teaching about spiritual warfare together in a poor environment, you create a hell of a mess.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Stories

Taking one of Jesus’ amazingly creative parables and turning it into an alliterated, three-point, logical sermon has to be the ultimate in literate processing.

Books I Have Read: Theology and Practice of Missions

It’s no longer cheap on Kindle, but this is a book that is well worth getting hold of!

Thoughts on a Consulta Continental

I have seen the future of mission and it speaks Spanish

What Mission Theology Should Do!

How will we remind the church that it is more dangerous to be cautious than to be daring?