Books I Have Read: Stumbling Toward Zion

I may read a better book this year, but I will be surprised if I do.

Books I Have Read: Story Bearer

So much of our training in evangelism stops after we have prepared people to communicate the gospel. However, the best evangelists aren’t necessarily just expert speakers, but expert listeners. Sharing faith is not just about giving great answers, it’s about asking great questions.

Languages and the Kingdom

A quote from a commentary on Acts Chapter Two which sums up much of what has driven my whole adult life.

Where the Spirit of God Is.

The deepest reality of life in the Spirit depicted in the book of Acts is that the disciples of Jesus rarely, if ever, go where they want to go or to whom they they would want to go.

Where Does Theology Come From?

Our understanding of the world should evolve and increase as we engage with people and cultures different to ourselves. This means we should gain a wider understanding of Scripture and have some of our long-held certainties challenged.

Books I Have Read: Africans and Africa in the Bible

Africans are not late recipients of the gospel message; they are truly a part of the Christian message and that can be seen through their history, their ethnicity, and their geography, for all three can be traced through the Scriptures.

Books I Have Read: The Art of Bible Translation

I found this book rather frustrating and sometimes irritating. But it is a good book and deserves to be read.

The Bible Is Complicated

the Bible itself does not generally exhibit the clarity to which its modern translators aspire