Notes On Our Theology of Creation

Any theology that abandons God’s desires for the present creation will diminish the significance of God’s activity in the present,

So Long Northern White Rhinos

God made the northern white rhinos and he called it good. God likes rhinos – and that should be enough to make them matter to us.

Books I Have Read: Environmental Issues

I would especially encourage anyone who doesn’t have an interest in creation or the environment to read this book because we’ve only got one planet to live on and we were commissioned to take care of it – and we don’t seem to be doing a great job.

The Place of Humanity in Creation

The point about human beings, in the original creation story to which Paul alludes again and again (specially in passages like 1 Corinthians 15), is that they are God’s agents, God’s appointed stewards over creation. This is what it means to be ‘in God’s image’: to reflect God’s wise, fruitful ordering into creation, and to […]

How Not To Talk to Atheists

The Daily Telegraph has an alarming story about wildlife documentary maker, David Attenborough. Sir David Attenborough receives hate mail from viewers because he does not credit God in his nature programmes, he has disclosed. The BBC television presenter and conservationist said he expected to be sent more such letters when his latest project, a documentary […]