We Are With Jesus

At key points in his life on earth, he sought out the company of his disciples and friends. The Incarnate Son did not need human company, but he wanted it.

Why I Am (Still) A Christian

I’ve decided to trust my life to a set of beliefs that I believe make sense of the world as I observe it and which are based on evidence which anyone can investigate.

It Wasn’t A Christmas Card Scene

Eventually, after who knows how long (but it seemed longer to Mary) the little boy was born. The midwife slapped his bum, cleaned him up and passed him to his mum.

When You Can’t See the Wood for The Missional Trees

Our best motivations, strategies and theologies can do nothing to heal a broken world – only Jesus can do that.

What God Has Joined Together

In Jesus, the physical and spiritual are completely intertwined. This is easy to say, but it is profoundly counter-cultural in the Western world, including in Christian circles.

A Low-Salt Gospel?

Even a superficial reading of the New Testament suggests that a reluctance to be self-critical with regard to the religious traditions we have inherited is actually very odd.

Jesus Died

When we read the Gospels, we know the end of the story. It is really hard to grasp exactly what is going on when we know that everything will work out well and that Jesus will eventually triumph.

The Cross Is Central To Mission

By dying and rising again, Jesus made it possible for sinful human beings to be forgiven and for all things in heaven and on earth to be reconciled to God. Mission which doesn’t include this message doesn’t really deserve to be called mission, in the first place.

What God is Like

We must not assume what God is like and the ask whether Jesus fits the description. We must allow Jesus and his cross to redefine our notions of God.

Throwback Thursday: God and Humanity

God has tied his own reputation up in our behaviour. Given our propensity to foul up, that is remarkable!