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Imagination Needed

Mission is a biblical universal, the modern missionary movement was a specific, culturally conditioned initiative which, while amazingly successful in its time, is likely to become increasingly dysfunctional if the attempt is made to preserve it as it is.

NT Wright On Bible Translation

“The question of translating scripture had already been faced when scribes, after the exile in Babylon, ‘interpreted’ the ancient Hebrew scriptures into Aramaic so the ordinary people could understand it. It was then faced even more directly by those who, somewhere between one and three hundred years before Jesus’ day, translated Israel’s scriptures from Hebrew and Aramaic into Greek. Christianity was born into a world where biblical translation was already an established fact. There was little sense, as there is in the stricter forms of Islam, that the sacred language was the ‘real thing’ and that translation meant desecration.”

NT Wright on Worship

Are there biblical guidelines for worship? Is the fashion for rock-group-style worship a pure gift from God or a capitulation to the spirit of the age?

The Place of Humanity in Creation

The point about human beings, in the original creation story to which Paul alludes again and again (specially in passages like 1 Corinthians 15), is that they are God’s agents, God’s appointed stewards over creation. This is what… Read More

The Big Picture: The New Testament and the Mission of God

I linked to the page hosting this video, yesterday, but having watched it, I think it deserves to be highlighted. Make yourself a coffee, then settle down and have your mind stretched for an hour. If you received… Read More

A Missional Reading of Scripture

Last month I attended the Missional Reading of Scripture Conference at Calvin Seminary in the US. It was an excellent experience and I would encourage anyone interested in mission or the Bible or both to download the talks… Read More

Books of The Year

What with one thing and another, I’ve not read as many books as usual this year and I’ve reviewed even fewer. But for the record; here is a list of book reviews that have appeared on Kouyanet in… Read More

Bible and Mission Links 18

Church Planting Krish Kandiah is rather excited about the prospect of Saddleback Church from the US planting a new church in London, but Matthew Phipps is somewhat more cautious and Simon Cozens is somewhat sceptical. You can make up… Read More

Putting the Gospels Back Together

I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture which Tom Wright gave at the Bristol School of Christian Studies and would be interested to know what others think about it: Bishop Tom Wright – Putting the Gospels Back Together: How We’ve… Read More

Upside-Down and Inside-Out

Jesus’ call to follow him, to discover in the present time the habits of life which point forward to the coming kingdom and already, in a measure, share in its life, only makes sense when it is couched… Read More

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