You’re Not Singing Any More….

I grew up attending a smallish Church where music was provided by a somewhat out of tune piano - but boy could we sing. There was something really inspiring about being in a group of thirty or forty people all singing loud enough to raise the roof. These days, I travel from church to church … Continue reading You’re Not Singing Any More….

Praying for Missionaries 1

When I first started this blog, it was intended as a way of sharing what we were doing with those who pray for us and who have supported us over the years. Somewhere along the lines, it metamorphosed into something slightly different. However, I thought it might be good to return to my roots and to talk … Continue reading Praying for Missionaries 1

Worship: The Great Commission 7

This series on the "Great Commission" now turns to look at the things which Matthew mentions but which are omitted by Luke in his account. Let's start off by looking at what might be seen as the prologue to the commission: Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told … Continue reading Worship: The Great Commission 7

Globalised Worship

Imagine the scene; it's just after midnight and there are two hundred or so young people who have just drifted together sitting on the floor and enthusiastically singing worship songs. That was the scene at Mission Net a couple of days ago. For me it had been a long day, including a successful seminar and … Continue reading Globalised Worship

Online Fellowship?

One of the things I've explored on this blog is the how church life might be changed by the impact of new media. I must admit, I never expected that young worship leaders breathing out threats against respected, mature missionaries would be a part of the picture. I was wrong; check out what Phil has … Continue reading Online Fellowship?