What Should We Call Them?

Some thoughts on the language that we use to describe people from different parts of the world than our own.

Lamin Sanneh: 1942-2019

One of the most important Christian thinkers and influencers in the world died yesterday. Sadly, most evangelicals in Britain will not even have heard of him.

World Christianity

A short post linking to an excellent video.

Is A Shoebox Enough?

How should churches respond to the needs of the world at Christmastime?

Thoughts on a Consulta Continental

I have seen the future of mission and it speaks Spanish

Really Listening to the Global Church

In a changing and increasingly globalised world, we have much to learn from Christians in other contexts, but we can only really gain from their insights when we read them on their own terms and not on ours.

Across Time And Space

Some thoughts about how the long history of the church should impact the way that Evangelicals look at other traditions.

We Don’t Look Like That!

If the church is young and based in the Global South, why are Evangelical Christians generally portrayed as middle aged, right-wingers?

The United States and World Mission

Some thoughts about the future of the US world mission movement.

Cruciform Mission

Mission is about proclaiming the reality of the cross in word and deed; but more than that, it is lived out in the shadow of the cross.