When Paul Got It Wrong

When faced with the choices of going to Spain to reach the unreached or going to Jerusalem to serve the poor Christians there, Paul chose Jerusalem. According to a number of modern writers on mission, Paul got his priorities all wrong!

Ignoring the Unreached

I follow a lot of people involved in world mission, many of whom regularly talk about the needs of the unreached around the world and I follow a lot of other Christians – mainly British church leaders – who hardly ever (if ever) mention the needs of global unreached people groups. 

Mission Agency Futures: Mission Stuff

Local churches may not have the finance or the all-powerful publicity machine that the agencies can bring to bear, but they must not be treated as passive actors who should just stand around and watch while the experts from overseas get on and do their stuff. 

Some Thoughts on Studying for a PhD

Some thoughts on my doctoral studies including one or two interesting (controversial?) conclusions and a few personal revelations.

Mission in the News

Some thoughts and further information about John Chau and his mission to the Sentinelese and a good story about Bible translation.

The British and the Unreached

The moral of the story seems to be that if you are interested in reaching people who haven’t heard about Jesus, you might do better to get in touch with one of the “old fashioned” mission agencies.

What About The Unreached

If a church feels that the Lord is guiding them to support mission work in Heckmondwike, no-one from the outside should tell them that they shouldn’t do this because Heckmondwike is “reached”

Is A Shoebox Enough?

How should churches respond to the needs of the world at Christmastime?

What Mission Theology Should Do!

How will we remind the church that it is more dangerous to be cautious than to be daring?

What Does Africa Really Need?

The bottom line is that we need each other and the church would be far healthier if we confessed our need of others rather than declaring that others need us.