Is the Commission Really That Great?

Paul and the other NT writers found their justification for mission across a broader range of Scriptures than many people do today. We should follow his example.

Where Does Theology Come From?

Our understanding of the world should evolve and increase as we engage with people and cultures different to ourselves. This means we should gain a wider understanding of Scripture and have some of our long-held certainties challenged.

Throwback: Consequences and Trumpets

Putting Romans 1 and Revelation 8 next to each other and seeing what happens.

Books I Have Read: Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

Reading Romans through an Eastern lens thus restores a more Pauline perspective by bringing together the false Western dichotomy between “spiritual” and “secular.” We need not accept the false dilemma between evangelism and social ministry.

Justification and Group Identity

Some excellent and controversial thoughts from a very good book.