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Find A Church First?

In which I am not convinced by the idea that people should find a good church in their new location before moving house.

Kouyanet Resources

In 14 years of blogging, I’ve produced the odd resource that is of lasting value. This post highlights some of them.

Being A Witness To Jesus

I believe that a serious part of our calling is to stand at the points where our families, our friends and our workplaces and professions are in tension and in pain and to reflect Jesus values, meekly serving, not pushing ourselves forward and making peace as we go.

Unsolicited Advice One: Explain

It isn’t enough for mission agencies to tell exciting stories about their work. I give four reasons why they should explain why they do what they do – and I make a cheeky comment about preaching.

Acts and Mission: The Great Comission

Just before his ascension, Jesus explained to his disciples what mission is and where it happens.

Acts and Mission 1: Introduction

The book of Acts tells the story of the apostles bearing witness to Jesus in the power of the Spirit by the will of the Father. The book is about people, but behind it all lies the Triune God.

The Main Thing Is The Main Thing

Mission is witnessing to Jesus in the power of the Spirit; everything else details.

The Mission Movement: The Bible

All too often, references to the “Great Commission” are little more than proof-texting. We should know better!

First Thing’s First

If we are not moved to worship Jesus, then it is unlikely that we will get off our metaphorical rear ends to witness to him to the ends of the earth either.

The Great Commission is All About the Church

Though Jesus was actually sending a community into the world, his words in the Great Commission often have been used as the rationale by which churches send individuals into cross-cultural settings.

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