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The Vine and The Branches

The vine metaphor does mean that Jesus has chosen to convey his life to the world by means of the branches.

Throwback: The Manner of Mission – The Cross

Triumph: Jesus came in triumph, but it was a strange upside-down sort of triumph. His cry on the cross “it is finished” John 19:30 had an element of triumph and victory – the sense of a difficult job accomplished against all the odds.

A Church In God’s Image?

Imitating God in our church life certainly involves being good, generous and truthful, but it means more than this; much more.

The Mission of The Church

“When Christian communities speak about God, by definition they have to speak about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is simply no other God.”

For God So… What?

John 3:16 is well known and is a perfect summary of the gospel message. Or is it?

Spirit Empowered Mission

A brilliant talk on Spirit-Empowered Mission

Bible and Mission Links 35

Lots of interesting stuff, but not a lot of jokes.

The Resurrection and Mission

The Resurrection marks the dawn of a new age and with it a new orientation and mindset for Jesus followers? Do we live pre or post-resurrection?

There’s a New World Coming

The Christmas story isn’t really about angels, shepherds, wise men, little donkeys or any of the other paraphenalia of Christmas, it is about the recreation of the whole world

What is Missio Dei?

A good quote with a little bit of reflection by me.

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