Is the Commission Really That Great?

Paul and the other NT writers found their justification for mission across a broader range of Scriptures than many people do today. We should follow his example.

The Mission Movement: Pithy Sayings

If the Bible in the mother tongue is never considered a foreigner, why are there so many books in English explaining the cultural background to the Bible?

Posts from the Past: When Will Mission Stop

In which I dare to suggest that John Piper’s famous quote about the purpose of mission may not tell the full story.

Missionary Sayings: Bibles, Maps and the Will of God

When what William Carey said isn’t what we understand.

Mission, The Local Church and Guilt Manipulation

Please would those who are involved in promoting worldwide mission, stop making people feel guilty?

Missionary Sayings: Sending Capacity

Depth counts more than breadth. It’s not the church’s “sending capacity” that really interests me, its the “church’s capacity to be sent” which really shows commitment.

Missionary Sayings: Go, Send or Disobey

In which I question the appropriateness of a well worn Christian saying about mission.

Eating Soup With A Fork

In which I disagree quite forcefully with the founder of my organisation; this may not be a great career move!

What is Mission for and When Will It Stop?

Do missions really exist because worship doesn’t? John Piper’s famous statement is widely quoted, but does it tell the whole story?

The Bible Is the Greatest Missionary

This is another in my very occasional series examining famous missionary sayings. This time I want to turn my attention to some words of William Cameron Townsend who said: “The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue. It needs no furlough and is never considered a foreigner.”  I must admit, I’ve had a few […]