Stories: Ethiopia

Dereje Tilahun professes, “The Bible is My Life”. During 17 years of Communist rule in Ethiopia, the Word of God sustained Dereje.


A short thought about mission agency magazines and then a very good graphic from one of them.

Advice to Missionaries

Old advice from a Pope to a missionary to the English, which is still very relevant today.

Four Things the Western Mission Movement Needs To Pay Attention To

This post is brought to you by the number 4! The title captures the gist.

What’s Good In World Mission?

The church is growing faster than it ever has done before and the world mission force is more diverse than at any time in history. We should be encouraged by these things – but we can’t afford to be complacent.

Some Quotes on Globalisation

This new situation also has consequences for how we think about mission. The most obvious is that mission is no longer a Western monopoly or privilege.

Readings in Mission and World Christianity

Books that any student of mission studies or world Christianity must read.

The Problem Isn’t Social Action

the greater concern is that over 90% of traditional mission work is directed towards areas where there are already established churches.

When You Can’t See the Wood for The Missional Trees

Our best motivations, strategies and theologies can do nothing to heal a broken world – only Jesus can do that.

Posts from the Past: When Will Mission Stop

In which I dare to suggest that John Piper’s famous quote about the purpose of mission may not tell the full story.