Stumbling Toward Zion

The one-sided emphasis on celebration not only ignores the suffering, struggles and doubts of people within congregations, so increasing their distress by making them feel guilty that they are unable to join the party, but, even more seriously, it suppresses knowledge of the crisis threatening the very survival of our world…

Throwback: Vernacular Translation

To translate into the vernacular is therefore to recognize the significance of the local idiom; the prosaic. “In the people’s tongue lay the jewel of great price.”

Languages and the Kingdom

A quote from a commentary on Acts Chapter Two which sums up much of what has driven my whole adult life.

Mission is a Group Performance

God does not carry out mission by commissioning a roster of individual contractors

A Few Quotes

A few good quotes on language, culture and mission from an excellent book

The Gospel and Power

The church is tempted in every age to identify with secular power, with empire, and usually to call that power divine.

Some Quotes on Globalisation

This new situation also has consequences for how we think about mission. The most obvious is that mission is no longer a Western monopoly or privilege.

God Isn’t Tesco

I remain at the centre. I am the almighty consumer, shopping around for what suits me best, with God providing the best option for my religious life.

The Old Testament is A Good News Story

The Old Testament is, in fact, a good news story, even if the good news has not arrived yet.

What God is Like

We must not assume what God is like and the ask whether Jesus fits the description. We must allow Jesus and his cross to redefine our notions of God.