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Mission is a Group Performance

Mission cannot be carried out alone; it is not a solo act but a group performance. We need to be in community with other believers because our life together nourishes our connection to God and bears his witness to the world. We need one another in order to know God and to make Him known. Under the influence of the individualism of the West, many of us have come to think of mission as an individual endeavour. We see community as an elective part of the Christian faith that may encourage us but isn’t as essential as our personal walk with God and intentional witness. However God does not carry out mission by commissioning a roster of individual contractors, instead, he adopts a family and incorporates them into his family business of blessing the world.

From Symphony of Mission by Goheen and Mullins.

For those who don’t know, Michael Goheen has long been one of my favourite writers on the subject of mission and, so far, this book does not disappoint.

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