Multicultural Church Part 2

Looking at some practical issues around multicultural church as illustrated from the book of Acts.

Andrew Walls: The Serial Expansion of Christianity

By the time Christianity was receding in Europe, the churches of Africa, Asia and Latin America were coming into their own. The movement of Christianity is one of serial, not progressive, expansion.

I’m Not Going THERE!

We need a vision of a different lifestyle; of churches which offer an alternative to the middle-class, consumer orientated dream and who reach out into all of our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What About The Unreached

If a church feels that the Lord is guiding them to support mission work in Heckmondwike, no-one from the outside should tell them that they shouldn’t do this because Heckmondwike is “reached”

Where Should Your Mission Budget Go?

The distinction between home missions and foreign missions (or whatever term you want to use) is essentially a false one. Geography isn’t a determining factor in God’s mission. 

What Does A Mission Agency Do?

It takes time and a willingness to share and to listen for churches and agencies to understand what they each bring to the table and what their respective roles and expectations are.

Friends, Brothers and Contextual Theology

The questions we ask and the answers we come to reflect the situation that we are living in.

Neither Incarnational nor Seeker-Sensitive Be

Christians worshipping together and reverently celebrating the Lord’s supper is an important witness to the nature and mystery of God.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Stories

Taking one of Jesus’ amazingly creative parables and turning it into an alliterated, three-point, logical sermon has to be the ultimate in literate processing.

Things Home Mission Can Learn: Speak

To a newcomer, a phrase such as “we will now enter into a time of worship” conveys far more background information about the person using it than it does about what is going to happen next in the service.