To Lent or Not To Lent

If I were a pioneer missionary reaching out to the UK, I’m pretty sure that I would identify Lent as one of those times when British culture has a natural contact point with the gospel and I would seek to make deeper connections.

Books I Have Read: Mission Shaped Church…

the best way to engage a multicultural context effectively in mission is through a multicultural missionary community. Otherwise Christianity becomes a dividing force that socializes people into segregated congregations when they live multiculturally at work, at school, and practically everywhere else.

Neither Incarnational nor Seeker-Sensitive Be

Christians worshipping together and reverently celebrating the Lord’s supper is an important witness to the nature and mystery of God.

Books I Have Read: Transcending Mission

A longish review of the most thought provoking book that I’ve read in a long time!

Two Missions?

A simplified way of classifying mission from the point of view of the local church congregation.

Just Pray: We Got it Wrong.

Three reasons why much Christian reaction to the “banning” of that video is misplaced.

An Introduction to Missional Hermeneutics

Three excellent videos that are well worth watching.

ALL of the World

There is a Christian witness here; it’s you and me! But there are parts of the world where there are no virtually no believers. We cannot turn our backs on these places.

Books I Have Read: The Mission of God

on the one hand, the source of mission is the Church – the existing people of God, the Pentecost community – which continues Christ’s economy in a visible, sacramental and ecclesial way; on the other hand, the goal of mission is the Church as the sacrament of the kingdom, as the incorporation of creation into communion with God.

Doing Good Doesn’t Always Help

I am not calling for an end to mercy ministries. I am calling for them to be made better. I am calling for them to be more reciprocal, less one sided and thought of more as a stepping stone on the road to serious Christian discipleship within the local church.