Books I Have Read: The Transformation of African Christianity

A rather good book, with a second half that deserves to be very widely read.

Books I Have Read: Following Jesus in Turbulent Times

An excellent book, on a familiar topic, but from a very different cultural and religious background. Read my review, then buy the book.

Books I Have Read: The Expansion of Evangelicalism

An excellent overview of a period that I knew very little about.

Books I Have Read: Theologies of Mission

This is probably one of the specialists (and those writing essays), but it’s a very good book.

Books I Have Read: Engaging Globalisation

There is no single strategy or approach for a Christian engagement with globalization. Globalization is too complex, and the church is, too.

Books I Have Read: The Rise of Evangelicalism

An altogether excellent book

Books I Have Read: Traces of the Trinity

Marine flatworms are hermaphrodites, equipped with male and female organs, which saves a lot of muss and fuss and plenty of money wasted on romantic dinners.

Books I Have Read: A Smouldering Wick

If you are involved in short-term mission and you don’t read this, then you are not taking your job seriously enough!

Books I Have Read: Theology and Practice of Missions

It’s no longer cheap on Kindle, but this is a book that is well worth getting hold of!

Books I Have Read: The Disruption of Evangelicalism

An excellent book from an excellent series. If you want to understand evangelicalism today; you have to understand where it came from…