Books I Have Read: November 2018

Some murders, some missiology, some history and a few walks in the hills: my reading for November.

Books I Have Read: Taking Up The Mantle

our efforts to respond to the challenges of our environment, to think our faith within our particular contexts, have often been blocked by people or missionary organizations who want us to limit ourselves to just repeating what they have learned in their lands.

Books I Have Read: October 2018

Some contemporary murder mysteries, a fascinating historical novel and a rather odd, but very pleasing series set in a near-future Europe. This month’s reading.

Books I Have Read: Global Humility

If you do the job I do, or train others to do that job, then you should put this on your reading list.

Books I Have Read: From the Inside Out

I really wanted to like this book…

July 2018: Reading

A bit of history, a bit of virology, some practical theology and six murder mysteries.

Books I Have Read: Christianity in the 20th Century

In case there should be any doubts regarding my feelings about this book, let me say at the outset that it is absolutely excellent. If it isn’t the best book I read this year, I will be very surprised (and pleased, because that means I’ve got another really excellent book to read!). Christianity in the […]

June 2018 Reading

Four murder mysteries, three science-fiction books, one military history and a book on depression: last month’s reading.

May 2018 Reading

On overview of what I’ve read this month – too many murders!

February 2018 Reading

Two good church history books, some indifferent missiology, some awful science fiction and a book about vets in North Yorkshire; February’s reading.