Unity in Diversity

The New Testament paints a picture of different nations and cultures being grafted into the Christian faith, not by imposing Jewish traditions on them (Acts 15), but by breaking down the dividing wall between Jews and Gentiles and creating a new, multicultural, united people in Jesus (Eph. 2:14).

Missiology from the Coal Face

Discipleship is, in essence, simply following Jesus. It means forsaking all, despite difficulties, suffering and even death, primarily death to self. Discipleship is in danger of getting lost in trendy terminologies and packaged programmes.

Books I Have Read: Following Jesus in Turbulent Times

An excellent book, on a familiar topic, but from a very different cultural and religious background. Read my review, then buy the book.

What’s So Great About The Status Quo?

Western Europe is at the tail end of 200 years of encroaching secular materialism that has seen the greatest regression of Christianity since the rise of Islam. We are living in anything but a golden age.

MANI: Issues

My take on the most important issues raised at the MANI consultation. These include; Islam, the Prosperity Gospel and a large country a long way from Africa

The Papers Want to Know Whose Shirts You Wear

Some thoughts about politics and mission inspired by the international reaction to the death of a famous husband.

Our Government Is Not Equipped

You cannot respond sensibly to an issue if you do not understand it; British policy makers are spectacularly ill-equipped to deal with some of the most pressing challenges we face in today’s world.

Not In My Name (Or Theirs)

Lots of different things are called ‘Christian’, but I wouldn’t want to be associated with all of them. Likewise, there are lots of things that are done in the name of Islam, but we shouldn’t assume that all Muslims agree with everything that is done in their name.

Books I Have Read: A Wind In The House of Islam

Dr. David Garrison’s long-awaited global survey of Muslim movements to Christ reveals that we are in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history. David Garrison, PhD University of Chicago, traveled a quarter-million miles throughout the Muslim world investigating movements, each one with at least a thousand baptisms that have occurred over a two-decade period, some containing tens of thousands of Muslims who are now followers of Jesus Christ. Garrison’s core question: “What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Tell me your story.”
The result is the most extensive survey of Muslim movements to Christ ever achieved. (Publishers blurb)

A Missionary Encounter With World Religions

A missionary encounter with other religions rests on a twofold basis: the comprehensive scope of the gospel and an understanding of religion as a comprehensive vision and way of life.