Books I Have Read: Story Bearer

So much of our training in evangelism stops after we have prepared people to communicate the gospel. However, the best evangelists aren’t necessarily just expert speakers, but expert listeners. Sharing faith is not just about giving great answers, it’s about asking great questions.

Mission and Dialogue

If we don’t listen to people, we will almost certainly misunderstand and misconstrue their beliefs and our presentation of the gospel is likely to go flying over their heads in a blaze of irrelevance.

Acts and Mission 6: The Old Testament

Our job is to point people to Jesus, but in order to do that, we have to start with where they are, not with where we think they should be. This means that we have to listen and learn. 

What Is A Christian?

Only God Knows Who Are His. The starting point has to be that God is the only arbiter of who is and who is not a Christian. We can draw our lines where we will, but we will be wrong.

Thesis Abstract

What I’ve spent the last four years working on.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

A few quotes from a very good book.

Books I Have Read: The Rise of Evangelicalism

An altogether excellent book

… Would Smell As Sweet

I’m English, but I’m also a Northerner. This means that I share some background and identity with people from my part of the world.