Books I Have Read: A Smouldering Wick

If you are involved in short-term mission and you don’t read this, then you are not taking your job seriously enough!

Books I Have Read: Theology and Practice of Missions

It’s no longer cheap on Kindle, but this is a book that is well worth getting hold of!

Books I Have Read: The Disruption of Evangelicalism

An excellent book from an excellent series. If you want to understand evangelicalism today; you have to understand where it came from…

Books I Have Read: Transcending Mission

A longish review of the most thought provoking book that I’ve read in a long time!

What is Missio Dei?

A good quote with a little bit of reflection by me.

Books I Have Read: Crossing Cultures in Scripture

To be honest, I don’t know a better introduction to the practice of cross-cultural mission.

Books I Have Read: Reading the Bible Missionally

Reading the Bible Missionally has some excellent articles and students of the Bible and Mission will find much that is helpful here. However, I’m not convinced that the book hangs together as a whole and it is of little interest to the more general reader.