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Bible and Mission Links 36

Some quirky Bible stuff, something on persecution, some inspiring mission stories and a consideration of the role of short-term dentists.

What Exactly Is Short-Term Mission?

In which I attempt to define objective criteria for distinguishing between short-term and long-term mission.

Books I Have Read: A Smouldering Wick

If you are involved in short-term mission and you don’t read this, then you are not taking your job seriously enough!

Posts from the Past: Issues With Voluntourism

This one is from July 2014 and the original article that it refers to is no longer available, but it still has a point to make. . I would quite cheerfully, never write another blog post about short-term… Read More

It’s Not About You; It Might Be About Them

When the focus is on what the “missionary” gets out of the process, it ceases to be mission in any meaningful sense of the word.

… For the Fish

As the internet gets increasingly fractious, we need to consciously think of ways in which we can thank and encourage those who have helped us.

Two Missions?

A simplified way of classifying mission from the point of view of the local church congregation.

There Is No Such Thing As Short-Term Mission

Short-term missionaries can bring valuable skills and manpower to bear at critical points in a long project. The key is designing short-term mission projects that support ongoing mission work.

Missionary Call: The Definitive Post

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether you do these things in Kewsick or in Kazahkstan. The important thing is that you are being faithful to Christ in these basic ways; everything else is just details.

Bombing Syria and Overseas Mission

Our approach to mission recruitment is often just as wrong as most of the British’ press’ coverage of the Syria debate. It’s putting us and our local or personal concerns at the centre of a much bigger issue.

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