What Takes More Faith?

We should probably be slow to comment on those who see their faith as providing them with all sorts of material benefits, if we already have those benefits and show no signs of being prepared to be sawn in two.

Bible and Mission Links 37

Some bad stuff in orphanages, some fake Christians in the USA and some real ones in Iraq, with a few other interesting things thrown in for value.

Bible and Mission Links 33

Reading OT prophecy, misunderstanding the mission movement, two ways to look at consumerism and some thoughts about change.

Prosperity Theology Isn’t The Problem

We spend a lot of time talking about prosperity theology, but what we really need is a theology that will cope with suffering. It’s not just that God doesn’t always give us what we want, he might also allow us to suffer for no apparent reason. Can our faith and our theology cope?

Live Long and Prosper

There is something slightly ugly about westerners, comfortable with their financial security and good health care condemning brothers and sisters around the world for wanting to share a little bit of what they take for granted.