Carts and Horses

Some thoughts about the West’s involvement in mission. Why things are the way they are and what we might do to change.

The Enlightenment and Evangelism

Some thoughts on evangelism in an Enlightenment and a post-Enlightenment paradigm. Or why convincing someone about the facts of Christianity may not be enough.

Syncretism and the West

Planks, specks, eyes and the need for Western Christianity to be careful about criticising others.

Let’s Get UnEnlightened

However, it is the technology and the reliance on rationalism that holds us back in our participation in God’s mission … The thing that we boast of and rely on is actually our biggest handicap! 

Books I Have Read: Engaging Globalisation

There is no single strategy or approach for a Christian engagement with globalization. Globalization is too complex, and the church is, too.