Mission Agency Futures: The Problem

Four issues which should force mission agencies to rethink their approach to their work.

Someone Else Will Listen

The beginning and the end of the book of Acts captures a universal principle in the life of the church.

Andrew Walls: The Serial Expansion of Christianity

By the time Christianity was receding in Europe, the churches of Africa, Asia and Latin America were coming into their own. The movement of Christianity is one of serial, not progressive, expansion.

Preparing for the Storm

People will probably see this blog post as pessimistic; I just see it as realistic. The Church in the UK has to prepare for living in a very different reality to the one we face today.

It’s Not About Individual Salvation

it is doubtful whether the New Testament provides a single example of an individual convert, a “saved individual,” left to plough his lonely furrow without family or congregation.

Factors for Mission Success

In which I ask a few questions; hoping for some really insightful answers.