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If you can’t spare five minutes to watch this video, then you are too busy.

The Food Crisis in West Africa: A Woman’s Plight

This video speaks for itself. Bamogo picked up an ax and chopped an old stump into firewood. She gathered straw and carried it to her house to start a fire. She set a blackened pot on the flames and poured in water, which she had fetched from a pump a half-mile away that morning. Standing […]

Kiss of life from a hippo!

If you have never seen this very odd You Tube video it is well worth a watch. Basically, a hippo tries to save a gazelle from being eaten by a crocodile. It’s hard to believe but… This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures […]

Video of Togo

I’ve been trying out a camcorder here in Lomé, but I can’t get it to talk to my computer to load the stuff on to You Tube. In the meantime, here are some scenes from around the country shot by a US Peace Corps volunteer. I don’t know what they look like because the link […]