Not a “Professional Missionary” In Sight

An example of how Christianity is spreading around the globe without the input of “missionaries” and a short reflection on the challenges and opportunities facing the church in the UK.

They’ll Do It Our Way

I get the impression from some writers and opinion formers in the West that they won’t respect church leaders in Africa (and elsewhere) unless they are fluent in Western (generally, Reformed) theology. In other words, unless Africans think and talk like us, we won’t listen to them.

Meet Diana

Some thoughts on home, life, theology and mission (and coffee) from Diana, a young Malawian Christian leader.

God Made Africans to be Africans

Christianity isn’t African, but it isn’t European or American either.

MANI: Personal Thoughts

One of the great things about attending conferences is that you meet and make friends.

MANI: Implications

Some thoughts on the implications of the MANI consultation for the church in the west.

MANI: Impressions

Some initial reflections on a pan-African missions’ conference, including some important lessons for other conference organisers!

Books I Have Read: Sent Forth

As the West becomes more culturally diverse – moving toward multiculturalism kicking and screaming – so shall Western Christianity. This too is a work of the Spirit of God.

The Tough Places

In which I bang on (again) about the British church’s love affair with East Africa.

Books I Have Read – Evangelical Christian Missions: An African Perspective

A┬áchurch in Ibadan, Nigeria is currently supporting over 250 missionaries. This church devotes to Missions 10% of all the offerings and tithes collected. In addition, every department, cell group, activity group in the church has a missionary field or project for which it is responsible. This church conducts regular mission awareness programs to maintain the […]