God Made Africans to be Africans

Christianity isn’t African, but it isn’t European or American either.

One last comment on the African and Western Christianity thing that ran on the blog last week. I came across this short blog post by an African woman writer that I think is brilliant.

I believe that culture is God’s idea, ethnicity is part of Genesis 1, God created all human beings in his image, but he also designed us to be uniquely different. It is God’s creation and imago Dei, and it’s beautiful the way He made it. My culture is beautiful, my African-ness and my Malawian-ness is a beautiful thing hand woven by God. When he redeems us, I believe even the things that make me unique as a person are also redeemed the same thing with my tribe and culture (Redeemed in the sense of how I look at them through a biblical lens).

You really should read the whole thing.



Go on, what are you waiting for? – Read it!


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