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Many thanks to Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) for posting information about the New Africa Bible Commentary. This publication by SIM is described as being the first one-volume Bible commentary to be written in Africa by Africans for African churches. It certainly is good news to see a commentary written by Africans and addressing the questions that African life and culture bring to the Bible. Just as important as the authorship is the fact that there are already plans in hand to translated the commentary into French, Amharic, Protuguese and perhaps other major languages spoken in Africa. Not only have SIM produced a commentary written by and for Africans, but they are also taking steps to make sure that the commentary can be read by the huge numbers of Africans who don’t speak English. Well done to them!

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Hey Eddie,

I saw your comment over on Andrew Jones’ site and surfed on over. Thanks for pointing out the importance of the further translation work that SIM is working on now for the “Africa Bible Commentary.” It took about $1.2 million just to bring the English version into existence, now thousands more to be raised to make sure the French, Amharic, Portuguese, Hausa, Swahili, and Zulu versions come along as well.

Thanks for all you are doing in the work of Bible translation. I wish you all the best!

Steve K.

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