Memories of The Past and Future

In the first volume of Lord Of The Rings the characters discuss the way in which it takes many years before a country will forget that elves once lived there. Even the stones and earth remember them. The same is not true of a country that was once Christian. Turkey, the land of the seven … Continue reading Memories of The Past and Future

A Dreadful Discovery

I love travel; you get to see new places and get insights into the lives of people in situations different to your own. On work trips, you also get to see things about friends and colleagues which are not obvious in day to day life. Sometimes you learn things about people, whom you thought you … Continue reading A Dreadful Discovery

Impressive Buildings

Last night we went for a short walk. It was wonderful to see the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque (above). Even without these two buildings, Istanbul seems to be full of very impressive mosques. This brings me back to a question I blogged on years ago. It seems that amongst all religious traditions, Protestant … Continue reading Impressive Buildings

International Meetings

The first question you need to answer when organising a meeting is, "What is the code for the wifi?". This is swiftly followed by, "Where can I plug my laptop in?". For international meetings things get really complicated because Americans, Brits and other Europeans all need different types of plug for their computers. The result … Continue reading International Meetings

Sixty Not Out

Here in Bratislava, I was very privileged to receive a certificate from Kirk Franklin, the executive director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, celebrating sixty years of the work of Wycliffe in the UK. These milestones are always encouraging. Sue and various of my British colleagues were also called to the front of the room.  Posted … Continue reading Sixty Not Out