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Bible and Mission Links 34

A funny video, a very serious video, some deep thoughts and an overview of my research; highlights from this week.

A Stunning Discovery

Forgive this post for being slightly technical, but it is incredibly important and of more relevance today than on any other day.

How To Be A Successful Church Planter

A successful church planter is someone who has been commissioned to write a book, a series of articles in a prestigious magazine or who has been asked to speak at a big conference.

Posts From the Past: Bible Version Generator

An infallible way of generating new titles for versions of the Bible and making lots of money.

Posts from the Past: A Guide To Mission Terminology

missio Dei: not only am I right, but God agrees with me (eg, an approach based on the missio Dei means…). This is the equivalent of playing the ‘God card’ in discussions about guidance. “God told me to do it” actually means, “I don’t need to listen to your advice”.

Posts from the Past: The Kouyanet Guide To Choosing A Bible Translation

You know a Bible is a good translation if your favourite people have endorsed it. After all, if they use this translation and they have a famous ministry, it must be good.

Posts from the Past: An Old, Old Problem

The word “God” could simply never be used to describe the loving Triune Deus of the Christian faith. The Father, Son and Spirit are nothing like Odin, Thor or those odious “Gods” from the frozen north.

Books I Have Read: Flight

A stunning book on missionary flight by Britain’s pre-eminent theological brothers, Chris and Tom. A book for today!

Change a Life With Just One Swipe

For decades now, we have seen the same stereotypical images of the Global South in both the media and in fundraising campaigns. It reinforces the image of people as “exotic other”. We believe that these images create apathy, rather than action.

Exciting Announcement

In an initiative which will draw together my experience in Bible translation, mission and blogging, I’ve been asked to take the lead in the development of a new English translation of the Bible, provisionally titled “The Blogger’s Bible”.

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