Checking Things Off

This is exciting; I’m in a new country – Turkey. Another one to check off on my list.

I’ve not seen much yet, just as much as can be viewed on a short tram ride from the airport. One thing is obvious, this is an country with a large Muslim population, but I knew that already. Which brings me to the futility of some check lists. Some people love to make lists of which places have been reached by the Gospel and which haven’t. This city was the world centre for Christianity for hundreds of years, so is it reached or not? Can we check it off the list?

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Technically it’s a secular state where the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. I know what you mean, the signs of Islam are all around, but Turkish secularists would contest that it’s an Islamic country.

Asking whether Turkey has been “reached by the Gospel” is like asking “Has the UK been reached by the Gospel?” It depends on what you mean and why you’re asking.

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