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Kouyanet Resources

In 14 years of blogging, I’ve produced the odd resource that is of lasting value. This post highlights some of them.

Pray for Boris?

In a democratic society such as ours, we have a responsibility to make our voice heard and to vote according to our consciences. Those with strong party-affiliations should campaign and do their best to ensure that someone else forms the next government – but they still have to pray for this one. 

John Risbridger on Bible Translation

http://wycliffe.org.uk/downloads/fp2013-johnrisbridger-lr.mp4 John Risbridger is one of the ministers at Above Bar Church, which has supported Sue and I since we first joined Wycliffe in 1985. This video was prepared as one of the resources for Frontline Prayer Live;… Read More

Mission Starts With God

This video was shot for the Wycliffe Pray 10/11/12 meetings which were held in various settings today. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media… Read More

Praying for Missionaries

My blog series on praying for for missionaries has been edited (thanks Hannah) and reformatted (thanks Ruth) and is now available for download as an A5 booklet here. If you have a Kindle and would like to carry… Read More

Praying for Missionaries 6

deliver us from the evil one In my experience, Christians tend to divide into two broad camps. There are some who see demons lurking behind every bush and who attribute anything even vaguely unpleasant to their activity and… Read More

Praying for Missionaries 5

And lead us not into temptation Of course, missionaries are all so holy and wonderful that they don’t suffer from temptation. Pull the other one! Missionaries are subject to temptation in just the same way as other people…. Read More

Praying for Missionaries 4

And forgive us our debts, Or forgive us our sins/trespasses. It may surprise you, but missionaries do sin and do need to seek God’s forgiveness. Although some people put missionaries on a pedestal, they have the same struggles as… Read More

Praying for Missionaries 3

Give us today our daily bread There is one thing that twenty years of leadership in a mission organisation has taught me; we never have enough time, people or money to do what we think we should be doing. Individual… Read More

Praying for Missionaries 2

Your kingdom come, your will be done,  on earth as it is in heaven. Missionaries talk a lot about doing stuff; attending meetings, preaching, travelling and what have you. But, in the final analysis, it isn’t the stuff we do… Read More

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