Throwback: The Metrics of Modernist Ministry

This post from 2012 builds on some excellent thoughts by Mark Meynell. Let’s face it, “The dehumanising metrics of modernist ministry” is not the snappiest title for a couple of blog posts. It is unlikely to draw the crowds who are looking for the next big secret for Christian ministry. However, if you don’t read […]

The Problem With Children in Need

It is easy to get cynical about Children in Need, the annual event where the nation’s right hands go on national television to declare to their left hands exactly what they have been doing. However, it would be wrong to be too cynical, generosity is a good thing and the amounts that are raised to support various causes are staggering. That being said, there are legitimate questions that can be raised about the whole process and I’d like to focus in on one of them.

Questions 5: Church Mission Strategy

What should a church world mission strategy look like? Of course, this begs the question as to why a church should have a mission strategy in the first place, so let me deal with that before I get to the main question. The world is big; really big and there are lots of different things […]