Reasons for Bible Translation: Dignity

It is difficult, close to impossible, for speakers of a prominent language like English to understand what it is like to have a minority language as your mother tongue. English speakers can assume that things will be translated for them, that they can get by in foreign countries even if they don’t know the language […]

Translation and Tribalism

The reality is that the major Bible translations in use today are all good, and beyond good, translations. There is no longer a “best” translation but instead a basket full of exceptional translations.

Posts From the Past: Bible Version Generator

An infallible way of generating new titles for versions of the Bible and making lots of money.

The Politics of Bible Translation

There is lots of stone throwing about translations as if one is wildly superior to the others, but often that is about tribes and not the translation.

Painting Green Thoughts With Purple Paint

The job of the translator is to find a way to express things in the target language so that they trigger the same thoughts as Paul first sparked off in the minds of his readers.

Posts from the Past: The Kouyanet Guide To Choosing A Bible Translation

You know a Bible is a good translation if your favourite people have endorsed it. After all, if they use this translation and they have a famous ministry, it must be good.

What Does a Bible Translation Team Look Like?

I stand in awe of the small groups of believers across the world, who at great personal cost are working to make the Bible available to their own people in their own language. 

Pies and the World’s Languages

One pie chart which makes one simple lesson.

Reading the Passion Bible

A short post, pointing to a useful resource about one English translation of the Bible.

You Know What? I Just Don’t Care

In the same way that we talk about Bible translation, but only refer to one northern-European language, we talk about mission, but fail to see beyond our neighbourhood.