This is a Blog Post

To be honest, I won’t be offended if you don’t read this post. It isn’t going to say anything new or profound, I’d simply like to say something about how and why I produce blog posts.

Not Just Thinking and Writing but Doing

We don’t just write a blog. We do some stuff, too!

Communicating What We Don’t Say

Evangelism is significantly more important than blogging in the grand scheme of things!

What’s Next Around Here?

Some thoughts about the future of this blog.

Blog and Twit Of The Year 2015

Two awards, only one of which gets awarded.

Blogpost of the Year: 2015

Over the last year people have looked at posts on Kouyanet about 69,000 times. Whether that is 69,000 people all looking at one thing or one person looking 69,000 times I can’t tell. I suspect it’s somewhere in the middle.

Beaten to the Post

Missionary societies as we know them today, are in no sense a necessary part of the existence of the church; they are simply temporary expedient for the performance of certain functions that could be performed in entirely different ways.

We Need Your Support

If you regularly read our blog posts and appreciate them, please consider supporting us (and you don’t even have to spend any extra money).

Kouyanet Reader: John James

A UN journalist (and all round good-bloke) shares why he reads Kouyanet (and suggest that it needs a name change).

Happy Birthday To Us!

On August 1 2005, the very first blog post appeared on kouyanet. Ten years is a long life for a blog, but in one crucial way, we’ve been a failure!