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They say that you shouldn’t talk about religion, politics or money in polite society. Then again, I’ve never pretended to belong to polite society, so I feel free to break the rules. This blog talks about religion (a lot) and politics (a fair bit), so now I’m going to talk about money (which I do from time to time).

As you may know, Sue and I do not receive a salary for our work with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Global Connections. We are very grateful to the churches and individuals who pray for us and who contribute to our financial support. It’s over thirty years since either of us received a regular salary and God has provided for us, through the kindness of some generous people.

Over the years, writing this blog has developed into an integral part of our work. It started off as a way of sharing family news and updates, but it has evolved into something rather different. Most working days, we write 300-1,000 words about world mission, Bible translation or something of that ilk. Many of you have been kind enough to say that you appreciate the way in which Kouyanet raises issues and makes you think about mission in different ways. However, as well as the mental activity of writing a new post every day, running Kouyanet does involve a regular financial outlay. If you are a regular Kouyanet reader, would you be willing to contribute to our financial support? The good news is that you can do this without actually spending any extra money.

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